Journalist’s kids find genuine guardian

Journalist’s kids find genuine guardian
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 4
Akash was three years old and his little brother, Sahil, six months when their mother died. Their ordeal did not end there. Two years later, on January 27, their father, Rup Basant Bachchan, a Jind-based journalist, also died after accidentally tripping on the floor. His head hit the floor leading to internal haemorrhage.

Akash, now five years, and Sahil, two and a half years, would perhaps have ended up in some orphanage had it not been for Mr Nathuram Saini and his wife Rajrani, the deceased journalist’s neighbours, who came forward to give shelter to the two children.

Mr Saini (49) is a farmer of modest means. Rajrani is nearing (40). They have four children of their own. After the mother of Akash and Sahil died, it was Rajrani who took care of them as Roop Bachchan had to spend quite a lot of time outside due to profession requirements. When Bachchan also died, the Sainis became the two children’s natural guardian and the farmer and his wife did not let them down.

Akash, Sahil and the Sainis were present here today to take part in a function organised by the Haryana Patrakar Sangh to give Rs 5 lakh to the two children.

The money had come from an insurance policy which the sangh had introduced for journalists.

The Sainis’ decision to bring up the two children was taken note of by the Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who too participated in the function. He announced a grant of Rs 1 lakh for the children. Mr Hooda repeatedly mentioned the “greatness” of the Sainis, particularly of Rajrani, and said such persons set an example for society.

The Chief Minister spoke extensively on various issues related to the Press.

He said the Press was not only the fourth pillar of democracy, but journalists also played a pivotal role in the fight against societal evils. He appealed to the journalists to carry out their duty fearlessly. He said he would consider as suggestions the criticism that would appear in the Press about the shortcomings of the government.

The Chief Minister, however, added that journalists must also consider it their responsibility to explore all possible aspects of an issue before they published a story on it.

“In my own job as the Chief Minister of Haryana, there is always the threat of getting carried away if I listen to only one version about a particular matter. I listen to the other party’s version also and this helps me form a balanced view on the subject in question”, Mr Hooda said.

On the demands of journalists raised by the president of the sangh, Mr K. B. Pandit, Mr Hooda said he would look into these at the appropriate time.

Mr H. K. Dua, Editor-in-Chief of The Tribune group, was also present. Addressing the gathering, Mr Dua lauded the sangh for its noble gesture of helping the children of the deceased journalist.

Mr Dua said one of the objectives of the sangh was also to inculcate high professional standards among its members.

He added that most of the members of the sangh came from the rural areas and small towns and they had more living links with the ground reality as compared to journalists based in metropolitan cities. High professional standards of journalists working in small towns and villages would go a long away in benefitting society, Mr Dua said.