Shut the door on criminals, corrupt, says Dua

Shut the door on criminals, corrupt, says Dua
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 20
The Editor-in-Chief of the Tribune Group of Newspapers, Mr H.K. Dua, today called upon people to launch a movement to clean the system by shutting the door on the corrupt and criminals who had infiltrated the legislature.

Delivering a lecture on the “State of the Nation” organised by the Servants of the People Society in memory of Lala Achint Ram, Mr Dua said: “We are asking the lawbreakers , whose ranks have been infiltrated by the lawmaker, to provide a healthy political system.”

The change was required as the fruits of progress were being shared by only a section of the people.

“Still a large number of people have no reason to lead a good life. From getting a job to catching a train to standing in a long queue at an employment exchange to basic health facilities to getting potable drinking — the facilities were still to reach the common man”, said Mr Dua.

Recalling the objectives of the freedom movement, he said the leaders now were not bothered to share the fruits of progress with a large number of people. Unhappy with the class of leadership, he said the class was not bothered to serve the nation. Mentioning the Telgi stamp scam, he said criminals were getting into the legislature and the politician-criminal-bureaucrat nexus posed a threat to the nation. The figures of criminals making it to the assemblies might vary from state to state.

He held the politicians responsible for diverting the energy of the nation to irrelevant issues. Much of the energy was being wasted in getting over communal bitterness in the post-Babri Masjid demolition period. This could have been used in building a creative India, said the Editor-in-Chief.

“The ideals of freedom did not preach the destroying of places of worship. The lessons of the Partition did no preach dividing communities. The quality of democracy promised in the initial years of freedom was yet to be delivered”, said Mr Dua, adding that in the first 25 years of freedom, the country was moving on the right path. Then there was a halt.

He said the shift from sacrifice to working for personal motive was more visible in the second generation.

Referring to Lala Achint Ram, he said he was influenced by great leaders for whom national interest was above other things. He said Lala Achint Ram did not forget the social content of the freedom. He recalled his interaction with the late Vice-President of India, Mr Krishan Kant, who was a son of Lala Achint Ram.

Speaking on the occasion, Justice S.S. Kang , a former Governor of Kerala, said people had started believing that power and money could be earned through dubious methods. He said it was high time people took up cudgels against the corrupt.

Earlier, Mr Onkar Chand, Chairman of the Servants of the People Society, said the purpose of the lecture was to find out the truth.

Later, talking to The Tribune, Mrs Suman Krishan Kant, wife of the late Vice-President, who is the National President of the Mahila Dakshita Samiti, said a joint action committee had been formed to ensure that all parties cleared their stand on women’s rights in the next general election.

She said an awareness campaign had been launched to make the women realise the power of voting and play a decisive role in the elections. Every candidate, irrespective of the party, must declare his or her commitment to women’s causes.

“Every candidate would be asked to check the sale of drugs and liquor, ensure 33 per cent reservation in the legislature and the jobs and discourage family violence”, said Ms Kant, adding that the awareness campaign was a continuous programme to unite women.