Dua sees bright future for the country

Dua sees bright future for the country
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 6
“There is no substitute to a well-aware population, a population which is not indifferent to its own rights. The democracy should translate into the daily lives of people and its fruits should be equally shared. This was stated by Mr H. K. Dua, Editor-in-Chief, The Tribune Group of Newspapers, while addressing around 200 doctors at an oration at the Government Medical College, Sector 32, here today.

Presiding over the oration as the key speaker, Mr Dua apprised the audience about the “State of the Nation” bringing into perspective the strides made by the nation in the field of agriculture, economy, defence preparedness and the challenges faced by it.

He expressed his optimism in securing a bright future for the country. Not only the standard of living in India has improved but significant development has been witnessed in other areas as well, he added.

Citing various examples, he highlighted that with the opening of new schools and colleges the number of children going to schools had increased which would result in educated manpower.

Expressing great concern over the problems currently faced by the country, Mr Dua said a lot still needed to be achieved to ensure a secure future for the country. He further delved on issues like population explosion, corruption, Naxalism and criminalisation of politics.

The number of unemployed youth in the country has increased manifold leading to a rise in other problems. “The problems of unemployment and caste wars are more acute in certain states and no efforts are being made by any political leader to bridge caste divide,” said Mr Dua.

Corruption in all its forms should be curbed and those occupying positions of power and authority should not be allowed to yield it on others.

Drawing the attention of the audience on the criminalisation of politics, he cited the examples of various states where lawbreakers had secured positions as lawmaker. He suggested that the nexus between the politicians and the criminals should be tackled at the earliest so that the political system might be reformed.

He then called upon the audience to make efforts to ensure a better system of governance.

During the oration, Mr Dua also answered the various questions from the audience. Answering to one of the queries, he said journalism has helped in sharpening the awareness level of the people and the public should themselves initiate the changing process.

Among others present at the oration were Prof H. M. Swami, Director Principal, GMCH, Sector 32, Prof Atul Sachdev, president, Faculty Welfare Body, and Dr Ravi Gupta, general secretary.