Internal strife worse than outer aggressions: Dua

Internal strife worse than outer aggressions: Dua
Tribune News Service

Patiala, January 15
The two-day national seminar on sufism and sufi literature came to an end here on Friday. In his address on the concluding day, Editor-in-Chief of The Tribune Group of Publications, HK Dua, said sufism provides the most befitting answer to the theory of clash of civilization which is destroying the serene and placid matrix of a civilised and cultured society.

“Cultures don’t push the civilization into the clash mode. It’s the politicians, with their vested interests and greed, who have such immoralistic tendencies,” he said.

“We have to look ahead in terms of what type of world we want to leave for our future generations as the mafia of hatred is spreading its tentacles swiftly even as the religious bigots are not ready to tolerate a little dissent,” said Dua. Rating internal strifes as more dangerous than the outer aggressions, he opined that various existing denominations have no remedies but people do have. Dua appreciated the decision to establish Baba Farid Centre for Sufi Studies and congratulated the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Jaspal Singh, for taking a visionary step.

Dr Syed Sarwar Chishti, Gaddi Nashin, Dargah Sharif, Ajmer, said sufism is a panacea for all the issues related to violence and hatred and elixir for those who feel inclined to share and promote love, compassion and empathy among the humanity. “It is epitome of secularism and basic premise of a pluralistic society,” said Chisti. While talking of ‘Talibanisation of Islam’, he said that the crop of militants, which is bent upon destroying the pious fabric of Islam through their virulent and disruptive acts, was the outcome of false and idiotic indoctrination coupled with ignorance.

“We have to evolve a mightier school of sufi thought to terminate these unruly and boisterous forces,” he added. He assured the V-C of every kind of help for establishing the sufi centre. The valedictory function was held at the Senate Hall of the varsity.

V-C Dr Jaspal Singh, in his presidential remarks, reiterated the point that truthful living was the quintessence sufism. While denouncing the cult of violent behaviour and duplicitous practices, he said no religion teaches us to be fanatics and disrespect others’ religion.