H K Dua intervened in the debate on Devyai’s humiliation

On Dec 18, 2013, Mr H K Dua, MP, Rajya Sabha, intervened in the debate on Devyai’s humiliation in the US. Given below is the text.

H K Dua(Nominated): Mr Chairman, Sir, this Parliament represents the nation, and the outrage which we are witnessing from all sides of the House is the national outrage. I am sure, the Americans are watching the proceedings and the message will go there that we are rightly outraged.

Behaviour of the American authorities towards Devyani is indeed uncivilized and any insult to Devyani is an insult to India and that is why the country is rightly indignant about it.

It reminds me of the old phrase the Americans used years ago and say that this is “arrogance of power.  Also in 1960s it became very prevalent what was called ‘the ugly American’. The incident reminds me of that. America certainly does not come out well from  what has happened on this issue.

The niceties which are sought to be drawn in Washington, that the diplomatic immunities are enjoyed by the embassy staff and not of the Consulates is sheer nonsense  Devyani represents India and that is why India is feeling insulted and they have to make amends.

Some steps have been taken by the Government of India, but let us make it clear to the Americans that the friendship is not a one-way street and there are limits to our patience.

Thank you, Sir.